New Computerised Transit System

The New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) is a European wide system, based upon electronic declaration and processing that was designed to replace the paper based CT system and to provide better management and control of both Community and Common Transit. It involves all EU Member States and the EFTA.

The NCTS in each country is connected through a central domain in Brussels, to all of the other countries. This provides links between some 3000 European customs offices and replaces the paper based system.

In order to connect on-line with NCTS, traders need the facility to generate electronic Transit messages, and the facility to send/receive these messages to/from the IRL - NCTS. Connected traders receive electronic responses advising of key decisions during the procedure, such as acceptance of declaration, release of goods, notification of discharge.

It is not be possible for Traders to interface directly with NCTS. They will simply be able to exchange defined structured messages with the system.

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