Import Control System

The Import Control System (ICS) handles electronic communications between Revenue and both Irish economic operators and all other EU Member States for Entry Summary Declarations.

From June 14th 2010 it will be optional for traders to provide customs authorities with advance information, by way of an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), for goods being brought into the customs territory of the Community. Provision of advance information will become mandatory on January 1st 2011.

In accordance with ICS, the economic operator will be expected to provide an Entry Summary Declaration to Revenue when goods are being brought directly into Ireland from outside the European Community, the Entry Summary Declaration must be lodged to the Office of First Entry (the Irish port/airport where the goods will arrive) within specified time frames. This is to ensure that the customs office can carry out risk analysis on the goods prior to them entering the territory of the European Community. For goods that are brought indirectly into Ireland, the Entry Summary Declaration will already have been made to the Office of First Entry in another Member State.

Revenue contact details:

Phone No: 01 738 3677
E-mail:  ecustoms@revenue.ie


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